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5 Quick Tips For Looking After Your Oak Flooring

5 Quick Tips For Looking After Your Oak Flooring

Having successfully installed our stunning oak flooring products for so many folk in South Wales, we are often asked about how to clean and protect it. Here are just five quick tips to help ensure yours gives you stylish pleasure for years to come…

1. As well as regular sweeping to remove damaging grit and dirt, it’s also useful to dust it from time to time using a microfiber cloth, which both traps and holds dirt and absorbs liquids. It also leaves no lint residue.

2. Protect the surface by making sure that floor-standing plants are in water-impermeable pots, or have protective saucers or plates underneath them to stop any water seepage damage.

3. Adopt an instant spillage removal policy for your home! It’s easy to think that you can ‘just mop it up later’, say after a meal is finished, but it’s easy to forget and, over time, damage can occur.

4. Watch out when choosing cleaning products. Some folk simply use one cleaning agent for virtually everything around their home. However, many standard cleaners sold in supermarkets can cause damage, for example, those containing strong alkalis. And this is also a good point to issue a reminder: never use a steam cleaner on a wooden floor! Use a suitable wood cleaner, such as the one we are fond of: Fiddes Floor and Surface Cleaner.

5. Just like cricketers use padding to protect themselves from possible impact injuries, it’s a great idea to place felt pads under the feet of chairs and tables. Also, be careful never to drag furniture when moving it, and while castors can be good for ease of movement, they are not the kindest to wooden floors.

The above simple tips can help to ensure you gain maximum and long-term benefit from a stylish wooden floor. If you have any questions about looking after yours, please give us a call on 01443 520020. Our experienced M Flooring team are always happy to offer advice when it comes to helping you look after your oak flooring in South Wales.


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