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Lacquered Engineered Oak Flooring Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Lacquered Engineered Oak Flooring Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Over the years, we’ve helped many home owners in the South Wales area choose their oak flooring. Many wonder if they can use oak flooring in their kitchen, and the answer is yes! We suggest lacquered engineered oak flooring, as this type of flooring is best suited to the kitchen environment. It is beautiful, authentic and gives you the feeling of natural oak in your kitchen. Here are some further practical benefits as well as things to look out for:

Low level of expansion and contraction

Engineered lacquered oak flooring is perfect for use in the busy kitchen environment. It copes well with heavy use, high temperatures and with the steam produced during cooking. Unlike natural oak boards, lacquered oak flooring only slightly expands and contracts, meaning that it will always look as good as new, no matter what you throw at it. It is important that, when fitting your floor, you leave at least a 10mm gap around the edge of the room. This will allow the floor to breathe naturally.

Remember to mop up spills

As with any wooden floor, you need to be careful with any spills that occur, so particular attention needs to be paid with your kitchen flooring. All spills and splashes need to be cleaned up immediately, to prevent damage to the surface of the floor. This includes any grease, oils or food that is spilled. Doing so will prevent any staining. It’s also a good idea to check your plumbing, and your washing machine and dishwasher, before installing your floor, as wooden flooring and water really don’t mix well.

How to clean your lacquered oak flooring

This type of oak flooring is really low maintenance. As with most other types of wooden flooring, you just need to sweep it daily and to clean with a fairly dry mop. To keep the wood in perfect condition, a yearly lacquer is also recommended.


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