M Flooring Ltd Extra Wide Oak was introduced in recent months to transform this modern detached 5-bedroom property in Cardiff. Extra Wide Oak Boards are amongst the most impressive investments available for interior improvement. They are most pleasing to the eye and in our opinion, the perfect solution for larger areas or open plan layouts. Our 240mm wide European Oak boards are proportioned beautifully and make a grand statement without being overbearing. Combined with our lovingly applied, hand oiled “Aged” finish, this floor will undoubtedly stand the test of time & hold pride of place in the owner’s home for years to come.

(M Flooring top tip: soft finishes are less prone to visible scratching vs hard surface coatings; they are also far simpler to refinish and can be re-oiled from time to time in order to top up their protection. Perfect for those concerned about wear, or for home owners who want a truly natural appearance in a real wood floor).




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