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Real Wood Flooring in Wales’ Capital City… The Perfect Partnership.

Real Wood Flooring in Wales’ Capital City… The Perfect Partnership.

Cardiff, Wales’ capital city. The nation’s most densely populated, urbanized-zone and an established base for all things commerce. Recent decades have seen a transfer of power through devolution, the regeneration of Cardiff Bay, and inward investment that has seen the City has truly cement itself at the coal face of modern-day 21st century devolved governance, which will undoubtedly see Cardiff continue to thrive for decades to come.

It is no surprise therefore, that amongst all this hustle & bustle, Cardiff & it’s surrounding municipalities pay host to some of Wales’ most sought after properties (accompanied by Swansea, The Vale of Glamorgan, and other affluent areas in South Wales). Cardiff Boasts some of the strongest house prices in the country, and is a bustling, modern metropolis for all things cultural, commerce based, and a place many love to call home.

So, what set’s Wales’s most prestigious interiors apart? Ask any Interior Designer or Architect, and you can bet your bottom dollar the answer will be build quality. Investment in the best raw materials, carefully considered, functional items, made to withstand the test of time is not only a superb choice aesthetically, but also an intelligent decision from a design perspective; an investment in the future. Modern man-made materials rarely match the natural charm & beauty of real wood, which oozes character in abundance, and never runs out of fashion. Real Wood Floors & Doors are something which continue to hold pride of place as a fundamental aspect of a building’s construction for decades to come (& will still impress at a time when you’d probably be throwing out your old carpet, getting rid of dated old tiles & redecorating to give your home a new lease of life)… real wood is timeless.

At M Flooring, we’ve worked hard to gain a specialist knowledge of these fundamental materials, which managed and selected carefully, with knowledge and passion in this field, are the most sustainable building blocks on the planet. We source kiln dried timber machined to our exacting standards, sourced from a variety of European and world wide manufacturers, helping our clients find the best flooring solutions for their homes & businesses, as well as offering expert advice on both installation methods & suitable finishing options in turn. In addition to the prefinished wood floors we offer, we use our wealth of experience to apply a stunning range of in house hand-finishes to gorgeous, long-length European Oak Flooring, making it our mission to bring you the very best that nature has to offer, at competitive prices. A real wood floor transforms a property & is fantastic investment which will serve you well for years to come.

Real Wood Flooring has long been synonymous with properties located in and around Cardiff. Our Capital City plays host to a wealth of properties built in and around the Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, and saw continual development throughout the early C20th, being granted Capital City status in 1905. Parquet flooring was in huge demand up until the 1930’s (which saw the introduction of, and the birth of manufacturing processes for modern day carpets), and as such, Real Wood Block Floors feature heavily in South Walian properties built up until this era. Unlike other parts of Mid Wales, Shropshire & across the bridge toward Bath & the Cotswolds, significantly older properties tend to be fewer & farther between in South Wales, none the less, hardwood plank flooring still features proudly in certain areas of the capital & definitely in the more rural areas of the Vale of Glamorgan (often referred to as The Garden of Cardiff). Cyncoed, Lisvane, Roath Park, Cowbridge, Dinas Powys, St Nicolas, Bonvilston… Real Wood Flooring finds a home in a wealth of locations across the South East of Wales historically & continues to be the go-to floor covering for those looking to introduce warmth, sophistication & real, natural beauty to their homes. Join us in celebrating our love for nature’s finest, most sustainable building materials, and consider European Oak, American Walnut, Maple, and a host of other hardwood floors for your home in South Wales!


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