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Why sustainable forestry is central to what we do

Why sustainable forestry is central to what we do

It’s easy to forget that our beautiful hardwood floors have come to us at the expense of a tree being felled – and forests are a valuable asset which must be protected. That’s why M Flooring products are all European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) compliant, a mark which means that forests are carefully managed to avoid damage to the environment.

What makes sustainable forestry so important?

Two of the main characteristics of forests which make them so crucial are that they reduce the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere, as trees are able to turn this greenhouse gas into harmless oxygen, and that they offer environments for other species to live in.

Sustainable forests are replaced as they are felled with seedling plants, which will eventually grow into mature trees themselves and, in turn, be felled. This means that the overall number of trees in the forest stays the same, and the environmental impact of felling them is negated.

What does the EUTR do about it?

The EUTR help to ensure that all timber sold in the EU is legal, that it doesn’t contribute to the illegal logging industry, and that it contributes to a reduction in forestry degradation, even beyond EU borders.

Why should I care?

Sustainable forestry has an impact on us all; by buying sustainable products for your home like the wooden floors that we fit, you can look after forests and the environment for generations to come, so your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can benefit from them as much as we do.

Oak flooring, South Wales

If you’re looking for a beautiful, sustainable flooring option for your South Wales Home, get in touch with M Flooring today to find out more about the options we offer and our comprehensive service, from quoting and costing, right through to fitting your new floor.


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